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Story Of Laagir trailer: Sairat 2.0, with a slight twist

The film stars Rutuja Andre, Chaitali Chavan and Roheet Rao Narsinge, who is also the writer and director.

Suyog Zore

It seems Sairat (2016) fever has still not subsided. After multiple failed attempts by various filmmakers, we have one more trying to recreate the magic with his upcoming romantic drama, Story Of Laagir.

The trailer offers a glimpse of this Sairat-inspired plot. Roheet Rao Narsinge, who is making his debut as actor, writer and director, plays a collegian Rohit who falls in love with a classmate from an influential family.

The young woman is the sister of a police inspector (Sanjay Khapre) who is dead set against the notion of falling in love. The leading lady, played by Chaitali Chavan, is modelled after Sairat's Archie (Rinku Rajguru). Like her she threatens anyone who tries to bully her lover.

But the trailer leaves the viewer confused as it also shows the lead character romancing another young woman played by Rutuja Andre. It is unclear if this is a love triangle or just some clever editing to misguide the viewer.

Even so, it doesn't take away from the striking similarities with Sairat. From the characterization to the way certain scenes are picturized, everything will remind you of Sairat.

It remains to be seen if the writer-director delivers a successful film or joins the growing list of failed attempts at recreating Sairat's magic. The film also stars Hrutuja Shinde, Mohan Jadhav and Somnath Yalnoore.

Story Of Laagir is slated to be released in theatres on 14 January. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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