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SWAT Punjab to be released on 5 August

Inspired by true events, the Punjabi-language film has been written and produced by Hardeep Grewal.

Photo: Courtesy Hardeep Grewal on Instagram

Our Correspondent

Punjabi actor Hardeep Grewal has released the release date of his upcoming film SWAT Punjab.

Inspired by true events, the film has been directed by Garry Khatrao and written and produced by Grewal.

Grewal shared the release date on Instagram, writing, “Our next film “SWAT PUNJAB” will release on 5 August 2022. Inspired by the Dinanagar terrorist attack of 2015, Our film will be a tribute to the young lads of the Punjab police who fought bravely without even caring about their lives. Note: This film will be a motivational one like Tunka Tunka and not purely an action one.”

The terror attack took place in Dina Nagar, Gurdaspur district, where terrorists donning army uniforms attacked a police station. The poster of SWAT Punjab bears the phrase, ‘The story of unsung warriors’ and features images of men fighting amidst blasts and fire. 

Grewal’s debut film, Tunka Tunka (2021), is an inspirational feature about a man who wants to realize his dream of becoming a national-level cyclist and must fight all odds to attain success.