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Uttoron trailer: Viral MMS clip exposes the hypocrisy and pretence in society

Directed by Joydeep Mukherjee, and starring Madhumita Sarcar, Uttoron will start streaming on Hoichoi on 26 January.

Roushni Sarkar

In the trailer for the Hoichoi original web-series Uttoron, Madhumita Sarcar’s Parna describes how her world came crashing down after an MMS clip of hers went viral.

Directed by Joydeep Mukherjee and based on Sukanto Gangopadhyay’s story Bottola, the web-series attempts to explore the hypocritical mindset of the people related to Parna, who refuse to stand by her when she is humiliated and cornered by society.

The trailer begins with Parna, a schoolmistress, recounting the blissful memories of a fulfilling marital and professional life, when she was made to feel special with love and a sense of belonging.

While Parna's husband (Rajdeep Gupta) was more keen to develop a strong mental connection in the marriage than just a physical connection, others in her matrimonial family treated her more like a blood relation. At school, she was revered by students who lovingly called her Kajol, after the Hindi film actress.

However, once the clip goes viral, Parna begins to be judged by one and all. The same people who once showered her with compliments begin to hurl abuse at her. Her husband sends her a divorce notice. The students ridicule her. The school suspends her. She becomes guilty in the eyes of those who once respected her.

Only Parna's mother-in-law Kakoli (Mithu Chakraborty) shares her pain, but she is herself under pressure as the family threatens to sever ties if she continues to associate with Parna.

In the end, says Parna, no matter how much one pretends otherwise, everyone is only interested in the body.

Of the experience of working in her first Hoichoi series, Madhumita Sarcar said, “It has been a wonderful and exciting journey. Uttoron is the story of a woman and how one mishap changes everything and everyone around her. I believe this story is relatable to every person at some level.”

Happy to be part of a show with a powerful narrative, she added, “The series aims to unveil the existing pretence around us. I am grateful to Joydeep Mukherjee and the cast of the show for making Uttoron so special. Thanks to Hoichoi for curating such content."

Rajdeep Gupta agreed that Uttoron is a story that can reach out to many. “I was thrilled when I heard it," the actor said, "I knew instantly I have to be part of such an important story." He said the strong transitions that all characters go through after the leak of a private video is one of the elements that makes Uttoron a series with the capacity to question the hypocrisy and deception in society.

Hoichoi will start streaming Uttoron on 26 January. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the web-series.

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