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Gippy Grewal song ‘Darji’: Mediocre number that fuses a bhangra tune with modern beats

The latest song video to be released from Grewal’s album Limited Edition features Gurlej Akhtar.

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Punjabi actor-singer-filmmaker Gippy Grewal’s latest song ‘Darji’ from his album Limited Edition was shared by the star on social media. In his post on Instagram, Grewal wrote the chorus line of the song and shared a link with fans.

Featuring popular singer Gurlej Akhtar, the lyrics of the song are by Ricky Khan and the music is by Red Room Studio. The music is a mix of a bhangra tune with modern beats.

‘Darji’ means tailor and the lyrics go back and forth between Grewal and Gurlej Akhtar, who discuss the minimal clothes she is wearing. He advises her to stay indoors or find a new tailor as she is attracting too much attention with her clothes. The song is mediocre and comes across as a run-of-the-mill party track.

Although the entire album is available on audio, Grewal has been sharing videos of the songs one at a time. The video of ‘Darji’ is directed by Sukh Sanghera and features the model Karnawat.

Karnawat is seen modelling throughout the video while a troupe of foreign dancers accompanies Grewal in the background. The video is colourful and the two artistes are seen posing with each other in colour coordinated clothes. The end even features a man playing the dhol (traditional drum) and dancers doing the bhangra.

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