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Humara Movie, Moe’s Art release short film Speechless online

The film, which was put out on Valentine’s Day, stars Mansi Multani and Shantanu Anam.

Our Correspondent

Humara Movie and Moe’s Art released the short film Speechless on its YouTube channel on Valentine’s Day.

Directed by Pradeep Menon, the film stars Mansi Multani and Shantanu Anam, who play a journalist and a comedian respectively. 

Menon said in a statement, “Speechless is for the audience that enjoys watching quick content on the go but also likes to be emotionally invested and immersed for the 15-20 minutes they take out for a short film. At its core, Speechless is a relationship story. How do two people with very different world views deal with a roadblock in their relationship?”

He added, “The attempt has been to make it gentle yet hard-hitting at the same time. It is about the internal and external worlds that individuals inhabit and the walls they have up between each other even when in love. There are little surprises and twists all the way through, so I do hope viewers enjoy the film.” 

Multani has acted in well-known Hindi films such as Pyaar Impossible (2010), Pari (2018) and Kadakh (2020) and the web-series A Suitable Boy. “Speechless is a film that throws light on modern-day relationships, the confusion that lies within the web of love and the inevitable overlaps between people no matter how good-intentioned they may be at heart. What I love most about this piece is how genuinely relatable it is,” she said. 

Anam spoke about his character, adding, “Speechless feels like a light, breezy film until it hits emotional notes. My character, Satya, in some way reflects a specific aspect of the social reality of comedians and comedy today, so it is a character people will identify with. But the point isn’t the humour, it is the intricacies of a relationship, particularly when one of the partners is at a delicate point in their life. This is a film that’s close to my heart because it felt like a comfortable, relatable story we can surprise the audience with.”

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