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Pandemic-comedy Aanchhi follows a case of mistaken identity

Starring Ishtiyak Khan,Sunita Rajwar and Subrat Datta, the film will release in theatres on 25 August.

Our Correspondent

Described as being ‘a comedy sneeze’, Lucky Hansraj’s film Aanchhi (2022) is due to be released in theatres on 25 August. Starring Ishtiyak Khan, Sunita Rajwar and Subrat Datta, the film is produced by Komal Unawnay of Paper Plate Pictures and Mekbrand productions.

Set during the pandemic, Aanchhi tells the story of a contract rat killer who gets a new job but mistakes it for something else which ends up changing the course of his life. It starts with a hoax call - when an unknown man looking for a contract killer by mistakenly gets connected to rat contract killer instead.

Talking about the film and challenges of shooting in the midst of pandemic, director Lucky Hansraj said, "It was challenging but our producer had taken care of all the precautions due to which we are able to shoot smoothly. Being an ad film director, I have always focused on timing and script."

He continued, "Being a big fan of Priyadarshan sir I always like to make people laugh. The idea came up during the pandemic. I was frustrated staying inside four walls so I went to my farmhouse and developed this idea. My whole team supported me and our producer Komal backed us. Things started happening eventually and we shot Aanchhi."

Producer Komal Unawnay spoke about what prompted her to back this film and shared her thoughts on the difficulties of independent makers. She said, "Casting is always a point of discussion when an individual producer is making a film, as most of the actors want to work with big studio and productions house. I really feel like actors, music director should welcome individual producer and support the film they are making."

She added, "We have seen why south films are much successful now cause they give value to talent rather than anything else. Any new director or producer can work with the super star in down south. In Bollywood [commercial Hindi cinema] it’s very rare. Everyone's life here is full of stress and tension but if I'm able to some happiness and smile on my audience faces then it will be a great achievement for me as film maker hence I chose comedy genre. But yes, I'm also focusing on other genres as well as I want to give all the variety when it comes to film making.”

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are keen on watching the film.