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Prapti poster highlights theme of unrequited love

Directed by Anuraag Pati, Prapti features Samadarshi Dutta, Pratyusha Roslin and Debdut Ghosh.

Roushni Sarkar

First-time filmmaker Anuraag Pati has released the first look of his upcoming film Prapti, which is based on the late Bengali author Buddhadeb Guha’s story of the same title.

Starring Samadarshi Dutta, Pratyusha Roslin, Debdut Ghosh and Ananya Pal Bhattacharya, Papti tells the story of unrequited love.

In the film, Shoma (Roslin) gets married to Sunanda (Ghosh), who works in the forest department of Bari, a region in Bihar. Though Shoma has settled down, even after a year, she cannot forget the love of her life, Bede Da (Dutta). She fails to engage herself in her domestic life and continues to write letters to Bede, while the latter rarely replies.

However, when Bede unexpectedly pays a visit to Sunanda's place to meet Shoma, she gets overjoyed. The rest of the film shows how the two spend the day and create memories.

An admirer of Guha’s writing, Pati said, “When I first got the opportunity to direct a film, I instantly thought of Prapti. Then I contacted Buddhadeb Babu. He was so eager to watch the film. It will always remain a regret that I could not show it to him.”

Guha died of COVID-related complications on 29 August last year.

“He was extremely happy to know that I was making a film on the story," recalled the director, “He requested a copy of the film though he was aware of his weak vision. We used to regularly take his suggestions, while we were writing the script. I cannot forget those days.”

Pati considers it to be a big reward to receive Guha’s blessings. “I request everyone to watch the film in the theatre. With the audience’s proper feedback, Bengali filmmakers will be inspired to make more literature-based films and carry forward the legacy.”

The musical teaser of the film beautifully blends the brooding and gloomy mood of the storyline with the hot climate of the arid land of Bihar. A sense of desolation pervades the visuals, and the sombre background score conveys that both Shoma and Bede have a lot to express to each other.

The poster, with its earthy colour tone, featuring Dutta and Roslin, seems like a memento of their time together.

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