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Anik Dutta's tribute to Satyajit Ray, Aparajito, to be released in theatres on 13 May

The film stars Jeetu Kamal as Aparajito Ray,  a fictional version of the legendary filmmaker.

Roushni Sarkar

Anik Dutta’s film Aparajito, which is based on Satyajit Ray’s experiences making his maiden film Pather Panchali (1955), will be released in theatres on 13 May.

In the film, Jeetu Kamal plays Aparajito Ray, a fictional version of the legendary filmmaker, who creates history with his debut film Pather Podaboli. Actress Saayoni Ghosh plays his wife Bimola, inspired by Bijoya Ray, Satyajit Ray’s spouse.

The makers announced the release date with a clip in which Aparajito and Bimola are casually discussing Pather Podaboli’s poster. In a dimly lit room, with their son playing around, Bimola suggests that Aparajito make a poster out of the famous train sequence from Pather Panchali that Dutta has recreated in his film. Aparajito replies that he wants to use a still from the scene for a hoarding.

The teaser of the film revealed that Dutta has attempted to depict Ray’s struggles to make the landmark film against all odds as well as recreating some of its iconic sequences.