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London Files trailer: Arjun Rampal plays a tortured homicide detective with a past

The six-episode Voot Select series is centred on a missing person’s case.

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In the London Files (2022), a missing young woman, a tortured cop with a past and a mysterious cult cross paths. Set in the United Kingdom, the investigative series stars Arjun Rampal as homicide detective Om Singh, who is assigned a missing person’s case in London.

Om, who is battling his own personal demons, is looking into the disappearance of media mogul Amar Roy’s daughter. Roy (Purab Kohli) is a prominent but divisive figure because of his support of a draconian anti-immigration bill. As Om begins to unearth pieces of the puzzle, he must learn to let go of his own miserable past.

Directed by Sachin Pathak and produced by Jar Pictures, the six-episode series also stars Gopal Datt, Sapna Pabbi, Medha Rana, Sagar Arya and Eva Jane Willis.

Arjun, who was earlier seen in the Zee5 series The Final Call (2019), spoke about why he was drawn to the show. “London Files is unlike any project I have done. In fact, I do believe there isn’t any project like this that I have ever seen both on domestic or international platforms. It explores many issues that we face today on a day-to-day level as Om investigates a high-profile case. The character of detective Om is unpredictable, flawed and complex, and I must admit, portraying the character had an impact on me personally,” he said.

He added that the screenplay, editing, photography, performances and narrative will keep audiences captivated.

“It will raise questions and will show you the way. I am super proud of what the whole team has achieved. It’s great to have Voot Select on board as they see a great future in the show, and Jar Pictures for backing it. Now I wait in anticipation for the most important part, the audience reactions," the actor said.

Kohli had worked with Arjun on Rock On!! (2008) and its 2016 sequel, and he was happy to be back on set with the actor again. “Arjun really shines in this one,” the actor revealed. “Though my role is a special appearance in the series it was interesting playing a character that is quite unlike me. A media baron with secrets that threaten to destroy everything he has worked hard for, and in the centre of it all is his daughter who has gone missing.”

He continued, “Also, the second time I’m working with Mohit [Chhabra] and Ajay [Rai] so feels good to be strengthening my relationship with my producers. Sachin is a very unassuming director to look out for. I’m sure he’s going to go a long way in the business. And finally, I am very happy to be back on Voot after It’s Not That Simple (2016), which incidentally was my first Indian web-series.”

Sapna Pabbi also makes a special appearance in the series. “Thrillers are hands-down one of my favourite genres, both as an actor and as an audience,” she said.

“Also, who wouldn’t want to work with a terrific star cast like this one? London Files is a high-octane suspense thriller, more like a maze with mysterious characters and an unpredictable twist! It will keep the audience completely hooked.”

Thanking his cast and crew, Pathak said that bringing London Files to life had been a dream for him. He stated, “With such exemplary performers on board, each actor exceeded my expectation by getting into the skin of their characters with utmost efficiency. London Files taps into the complexities of human emotions against the backdrop of socio-political unrest. I hope the viewers love it as much as we loved making it.”

London Files is due to be premiered on Voot Select on 21 April. Watch the trailer here.

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