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Ahead of release of Beast, Vijay opens up about political aspirations in interview

The film, which has been directed by Nelson, sees the actor play a deadly spy.

Screenshot from VIJAYudan Nerukku Ner with Thalapathy Vijay and Nelson on Sun TV

Haricharan Pudipeddi

Actor Vijay has for the first time in over a decade commented on his political aspirations, which have been a topic of debate for many years now.

Ahead of the release of his film Beast, which hits the screens worldwide tomorrow, the actor — in a promotional interview with director Nelson — opened up about various facets of his life.

Beast, which has been directed by Nelson, sees Vijay play a deadly spy who singlehandedly decides to save the people in a mall that has been taken over by terrorists. 

When the director asked Vijay, who is fondly called Thalapathy (commander) by his fans, if he’s ready to become a Thalaivan (leader), the actor replied that it would depend on the wishes of his fans and the public.

“There’s always a time for everything. If people, my fans want me to transform into Thalaivan, I can’t stop that change. I was a different kind of Vijay with respect to the kind of films I was doing a few years ago. I’m a different Vijay now doing different kinds of films. This transformation wouldn’t have happened if my fans didn’t wish for me to do these kinds of films. This is also the case if they want me to become a leader, “he said. 

Asked about his religious beliefs, the artiste said, “I’m a firm believer of God. I visit temples, churches and even dargahs whenever I get time.  My mom is a Hindu and my dad is a Christian. From a very young age, I was never told to go only here or there and that's what I've been teaching my kids as well."