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Sidharth Shukla’s family requests 'privacy to grieve' in statement

Actress Kriti Sanon recently slammed the media for its coverage of the actor's last rites.

Photo: Courtesy Sidharth Shukla on Facebook

Our Correspondent

The family of the late actor Sidharth Shukla has put out a statement requesting that they be allowed the "privacy to grieve". On 2 September, the day the actor died due to a heart attack, his PR team made a similar request. 

The statement read, “Heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of Sidharth’s journey and showered him with unconditional love. It definitely doesn’t end here as he now resides in our hearts forever! Sidharth valued his privacy. Hence, we request you to allow our family the privacy to grieve.”

The family offered its thanks to the Mumbai police, stating, “A special Thank You to the Mumbai police force for their sensitivity and compassion. They have been like a shield, protecting us and standing by us every minute of the day! Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.” 

The statement comes at a time when the media is being slammed online for relentlessly invading the privacy of the Shukla family when Sidharth’s last rites were being held.

Severely castigating the media and online portals, actress Kriti Sanon wrote in an Instagram story, “Breaks my heart to see our media, photographers and even online portals being so insensitive. Shameful! This isn’t ‘News’, nor is it ‘Entertainment’! Draw some boundaries! Have a conscience! Said it before, saying it again! STOP covering funerals!” 

She added, “Stop hounding people who are dealing with personal loss by flashing your camera in their face at their most vulnerable time! And for what? A few posts? Online portals and channels are equally at fault. Take a stand, DON’T post those pictures and videos! Stop faking sensitivity by just writing ‘Heartbreaking’ in the captions of such inhuman insensitive posts.”