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110 teaser: Kavin Dave is impressive as a struggling RJ in this Gujarati web-series

The OHO Gujarati web-series, scripted by Abhinav Vaidya and created by November Films, will be premiered tomorrow.

Kavin Dave in 110

Keyur Seta

Kavin Dave has played supporting roles in various Hindi and Gujarati films over the years. He now gets a chance to play the lead in OHO Gujarati’s light-hearted web-series, 110.

The teaser for the show starts with Dave’s character Falgun speaking passionately as an RJ (radio jockey) inside the studio of a radio station. But it turns out that he is actually a struggling RJ. He has been doing odd jobs at the radio station in the hope of getting a chance to be an RJ, which doesn’t seem to be happening.

Falgun has other issues to deal with. His weight, which stays constant at 110kg, hampers his chances of getting a girlfriend or wife. In fact, the number continues to appear in his life in one way or the other. For example, he keeps waking up at 1:10am.

The teaser for 110 is very much like a trailer. It suggests that the show will be an amusing saga about a man who keeps struggling while dealing with various challenges in life. Dave seems to have grabbed the opportunity with both hands.

To feature the voices of various characters without showing their faces is an interesting and rare experiment. The show also stars Jay Upadhyay, Sanjay Bhatiya, Vaibhavi Bhatt, Brinda Trivedi and Rajen Thaker.

Created by November Films and written by Abhinav Vaidya, 110 will be streamed on the OHO Gujarati platform from tomorrow. Watch the teaser below and let us know if you are keen to watch this show.

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