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Soham Chakraborty launches poster of his first production Kolkata'r Harry

Directed by Rajdeep Ghosh, the film stars Chakraborty, Priyanka Sarkar and Oishika Guhathakurta.

Jeet Gannguli, Priyanka Sarkar, Oishika Guhathakurta, Soham Chakraborty and Rajdeep Ghosh

Roushni Sarkar

Actor-turned-producer Soham Chakraborty launched the poster for Kolkata’r Harry, the first film from his newly launched banner Soham’s Entertainment, in the presence of the cast and crew on Tuesday. Directed by Rajdeep Ghosh, the film stars the producer himself and Priyanka Sarkar. Child artiste Oishika Guhathakurta, Laboni Sarkar and Arindam Ganguly also play crucial characters in the film.

According to Chakraborty, Soham’s Entertainment has been formed with the objective of creating content-driven mass entertainers. “Our first ambitious venture is Kolkata’r Harry, an original story targeted at both children and adults,” said the actor who plays car-pool driver Harinath Patra, who works for the primary section of a convent school, in the film.

Harinath’s natural bent for storytelling and showing magic tricks on the streets of Kolkata helps him create a bond with Titli (Oishika), a ten-year-old girl who avails of the car-pool service.

Harinath’s world of magic gives wings to Titli, who is overprotected by her oppressive mother. Titli’s father, on the other hand, stays aloof from his family. Titli’s elder sister Mohor (Priyanka) takes an interest in her growing fondness for wizardry and eventually meets Harinath. Not only do Hari and Mohor, two contrasting individuals, fall in love but Mohor also guides Hari to pursue his dreams when the latter loses his job.

“The story has been wonderfully woven and has a strong emotional connect which the audience will be able to identify with,” Chakraborty said. “As you all know that I started as a child artiste, I wanted my first movie to cater also to children. Hence you will find the canvas to be colourful and magical.”

The poster for the film shows Harinath, Titli and Mohor sitting on the rooftop of a bus. While Harinath enchants them with his storytelling, Titli and Mohor seem bemused by the backdrop of firecrackers going off in the sky.

Elated to have his film produced by Chakraborty, Ghosh said, “Kolkata’r Harry, to us, is a modern-day fairy tale, which we believe to be true. The shooting was a wonderful experience and everybody has put in their heart and soul in their performances and also across their respective departments. Hoping the audience enjoys the movie.”

Priyanka Sarkar said she loves the storyline and is grateful to Chakraborty for giving her an author-backed role. “I thoroughly enjoyed shooting for the movie and Mohor will be one of those special roles which I would like to be remembered for,” she said.

Kolkata’r Harry is slated for a theatrical release in November.