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Royal Opera House organizes virtual short film festival for children

The virtual festival, which began last Friday, continues till Sunday and can be watched on the theatre's YouTube channel.

Our Correspondent

A children’s short film festival organized by the Royal Opera House, Mumbai, in collaboration with the Looking Glass Film Club, Playydate and Avid Learning aims to combine learning with the arts.

The virtual festival is being held from 10–19 September 2021 and is showcasing six award-winning short films in different languages.

A note on the festival from the organizers said, 'The arts have been a proven platform as an inclusive, fun and creative learning model for young students. Cinema is an engaging tool that has the power to encourage creative explorations and provide an equal platform for expression for children. It sharpens their visual culture, encourages critical thinking, stimulates creativity and boosts development.

'This month, award-winning children’s films take centre stage, showcasing six short animated films providing your children with inspiration and a unique learning experience that is sure to entertain,' the note continued. 'These short films have been specially curated to introduce children to different themes and topics and broaden their cinematic experiences.'

The films curated for the festival are Ketan Pal’s One, Swati Agarwal's Amrita and Lakshmi Aayi Hai, The Candy Tree by Somnath Pal, Shaheen Sheriff’s Watchmaker At Time's End, and Oru Thudakkathinte Kadha (Story Of A Beginning) by Balaram J.

The films are available on the YouTube channel of the Royal Opera House, Mumbai. Click here to watch the films.

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