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Netflix’s Crime Stories: India Detectives to be premiered on 22 September, see trailer

The upcoming docu-series, set in Bengaluru, follows four major crime investigations in the Southern city.

Sonal Pandya

Netflix’s latest docu-series Crime Stories: India Detectives is due to be premiered on 22 September. Set in Bengaluru in Karnataka, the series follows four major crime investigations in the Southern city.

Produced by Minnow Films, the series follows the men and women of the Bengaluru police as they try to nab kidnappers and murderers in often shocking and perplexing cases. Crime Stories: India Detectives will give viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the working methods of the police.

The series, co-directed by N Amit and Jack Rampling, with series director Jack Warrender, will also allow audiences “a peek into emotional moments experienced by the police while investigating the crimes and their personal lives and personalities”.

The production house Minnow Films, founded by BAFTA-winner Morgan Matthews, has previously produced films like the award-winning The Fallen (2008), about the loss of British armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Netflix series Bad Boy Billionaires.

The trailer for Crime Stories: India Detectives takes us right into the action from the time the police arrive on the scene to when they begin investigating the suspects. The tone of the docu-series is both professional and serious as one of the officers on one of the cases states, “In my 11 years of service, I've never seen a daughter killing a mother.”

The cases also take an emotional toll of the officers as they race to gain justice for the victims. The docu-series is raw, gritty and feels like it could be difficult to watch in certain sections, especially in the case involving a baby being abducted.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to see the web-series.

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