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Godavari trailer: Stuck in routine, a man questions the meaning of life

Directed by Nikhil Mahajan, the film is due to have its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival.

Suyog Zore

Just a few hours after it was announced that Nikhil Mahajan’s Marathi movie Godavari would be having its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) in Canada, the makers dropped the trailer for the film online.

The trailer, which mostly centres on the character of Nishikant (Jitendra Joshi), has a melancholic feel to it. It begins with the perpetually sad Nishikant whose job is to collect rent for his family of landowners. He feels his life is miserable and wants to get out of it, but being a dutiful husband and father, he can't just run away from his responsibilities.

Nishikant walks as if all the happiness has been sucked out of his life and doesn't even remember how to smile. There are also snippets of his family members, played by Vikram Gokhale, Neena Kulkarni and Gauri Nalawade. Priyadarshan Jadhav makes a brief appearance.

The trailer beautifully captures Nishikant's loneliness, frustration and resentment without revealing anything about the central plot. The film is set on the banks of the Godavari and it appears that the river plays a crucial role in the plot.

Godavari is produced by Blue Drop Films and Jitendra Joshi Pictures and is slated for a theatrical release in India in December. Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch this film.

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