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Prosenjit, Riddhi Sen to come together for Pavel's Daktar Kaku

A story of doctors and various aspects of the medical profession, Daktar Kaku will also feature Ena Saha in a crucial role.

Roushni Sarkar

Director Pavel has announced his upcoming film Daktar Kaku, starring Prosenjit, Riddhi Sen and Ena Saha. As a tribute to doctors who have worked endlessly at the risk of their lives during the pandemic, the film will see Prosenjit as a doctor and Sen as his son, who is into the same profession. Daktar Kaku will be Sen’s second film with Pavel after Mon Kharap (2022), slated for release next year.

In the film, father and son follow different ideals while working in their profession, which creates conflict. Whether the two give up their stubborn beliefs and unites for the greater cause of saving humankind will be seen in the film.

“Due to the pandemic, we have become indebted to doctors forever,” Pavel, director of films like Rosogolla (2018) and Babar Naam Gandhiji (2015), told Anyasamay, a supplement of the Bengali online newspaper Ei Samay. “However, this film is not only about good doctors. We have seen various shades of medical practitioners. The film will focus on those aspects too."

Excited about his first project with Pavel, Prosenjit said, “I have watched all his works. He makes beautiful films. We all know that doctors are both appreciated and criticized equally all over the world. But it is also true that in the last two years, we have addressed doctors as god. They have risked their own lives and families to help people in distress. I am glad to have got the opportunity to portray such a character.”

For Prosenjit, the late Bidhan Chandra Roy, West Bengal's first chief minister, was the ideal doctor. “I have known many other doctors who have followed his path and who not only use medication but also help people recover with proper advice, care and love,” said the veteran actor, who is also pleased to be working with rising star Riddhi Sen. “He is one of the best actors in the country today and I am eager to work with him,” he added.

Pavel plans to begin shooting for the film in January.