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Enjoyed doing the action scenes in Babu, says Ankit Mohan

Directed by Mayur Madhukar Shinde, the film also stars Ruchira Jadhav and Neha Mahajan.

Ankit Mohan during the shooting of Babu

Our Correspondent

The Ankit Mohan-starrer Marathi film Babu went on the floor earlier this month. The actor shot a few action sequences yesterday in Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, for the film directed by Mayur Madhukar Shinde.

Speaking about the shoot and his character, Ankit Mohan said in a statement, “The character of Babu is very close to me. It is a lot similar to my real self. Therefore, I wasn’t required to do a lot to play this character. But I had to work hard for the action sequences. The fact that I have learnt martial arts and Kalaripayattu [a martial art form from Kerala] helped a lot.”

Before this film, Ankit Mohan had performed action sequences in Farzand (2018) and Fatteshikast (2019), but that was a different ball game for him. “There is a major difference in the action sequences in historicals and in a film like Babu," he said. "While in historicals you have a weapon with you, here your hands are your only weapons. But one has to have control in both type of action scenes. I am glad to have got both the experiences. I enjoyed the action scenes in Babu.”

Produced by Babu K Bhoir, Babu also stars Ruchira Jadhav and Neha Mahajan. The film will be released in theatres as soon as it is complete.