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Free Hit Danka trailer: This love vs cricket saga looks terrible

The over-three-minute clip is filled with outlandish scenarios, double entendres and terrible acting.

Suyog Zore

Cinema is referred to as the director's medium, and if anyone has any doubt about this, they should watch the trailer of Free Hit Danka, starring Somnath Awghade, Tanaji Galgunde and Arbaz Shaikh. You need to have a certain level of skill to make National Award-winning actors overact to such an extent that even watching a three-minute trailer featuring them becomes an act of valour. But somehow, writer-director Sunil Magare seems to have pulled off this difficult task with ease.

 The clip is filled with so many outlandish scenarios, double entendres and terrible performances that you can't take the film seriously.

Dhumakul Patil (Suresh Vishwakarma) and Anna Patil (Anil Nagarkar), who are fierce political rivals, decide to hold a cricket tournament where the locals of their respective villages will compete for glory. They want to win at any cost. Dhumakul Patil's son (Awghade), is the best batsman in their team, and he has two best friends, played by Galgunde and Shaikh. He soon falls in love with Anna Patil's daughter played by Apoorva Shelgaonkar. Now he is forced to choose between his love and cricket.

As stated, the trailer is just a compilation of over-the-top sequences that will make you cringe. It's even sad to see talented actors like Galgunde and Shaikh reduced to caricatures. 

Also, the teaser hinted that Free Hit Danka is going to be an intense romantic drama set against the backdrop of political rivalry between two families. but the trailer presents a completely different picture. Now after watching the trailer, this reviewer now thinks it's a comedy film.

Produced by Magare, Akash Thombre and Meghnath Sorkhade, the film is set to be released on 17 December.

Check out the trailer below and let us know if you are keen on watching the film.


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