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The jail scenes weren’t so challenging as I have experienced a bit of jail, says Pulkit Makol

Makol plays the son of Jimmy Sheirgill's judge Bishan Khosla in the SonyLIV show Your Honor, which is returning with its second season.

Pulkit Makol in Your Honor (Season 2)

Keyur Seta

Pulkit Makol made his acting debut in the first season of the SonyLIV web-series Your Honor (2020). He played Abeer, the son of district court judge Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Sheirgill), who gets involved in a hit-and-run accident which forces his father, an upright judge, to take the law into his own hands.

Speaking about the second season, the first part of which went live on the platform on 19 November, Makol said, “It’s an antagonist-oriented cast. So, there is no good or bad. It’s all grey shades. So many characters have different motives and hidden stories. The characters are superb and there are crazy actors.”

Working with experienced actors like Sheirgill, Gulshan Grover and Mita Vashisht was like visiting an acting institute for him. “I learnt much more from them than I could have learnt in an institute,” he said. “Mita [Vashisht] ma’am helped me so much. We used to do a lot of workshops with her. Whether on-screen or off-screen, they were always there for me. They are such good human beings.”

In the new season, Makol had to shoot some difficult jail sequences. But it wasn’t all that challenging for him due to a personal experience. “I have experienced a bit of jail in my life," the young actor said. "I was once skateboarding on the road. The cops suspected something because skateboarding is a new thing and they took me in. They slapped me. And I am a very impulsive guy, so I got into a fight with them. So I could relate with that as I knew how it works.” He added that despite this, they worked hard on those scenes. 

On the difference in his character in the second season, Makol said, “In the first season, my character had all the information in his head but he could neither say anything nor show that he knows anything. But in season 2, he has so much in his hand. I was always out there. So there is a lot of difference between both characters.”

Your Honor is based on the Israeli show Kvodo. Makol has only seen some part of the first season. “I haven’t seen season 2,” he said. “I have seen a bit of season 1 to understand the character. I purposely didn’t watch season 2 because I thought I should bring something myself without being influenced. If you see or read anything, it gets registered in your mind somewhere.”

Pulkit Makol in Your Honor (Season 2)

Looking into the future, the actor wants to do roles that offer meaning. “They say there are no small parts; there are only small actors,” he said. “I want to do some good work. I don’t care how many days I have [to shoot], but the character and script should be appealing.”

Asked whether there would be a third season of Your Honor, he smiled: “I hope there is.”

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