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Marathi filmmaker Datta Mirkute makes Hindi debut with All Is Wrong

Mirkute had made his directorial debut in Marathi with Prem Sankat (2016).

Our Correspondent

Filmmaker Datta Mirkute made his directorial debut with the Marathi movie Prem Sankat (2016) over five years ago. Starring Ankita Parmar, Latika Gore, Monalisa Bagal and Nishigandha Wad, the film also saw him take up the roles of dialogue writer and lyricist.

Mirkute is now set to make his Hindi directorial debut with the quirkily titled All Is Wrong. According to the makers, it is a 'multi-genre' movie as it is a romantic thriller with the element of suspense. Mirkute has produced the film along with Savita Anil Mohite. He is also the screenwriter for the project.

The makers acknowledged that their film’s title is inspired from the famous song and dialogue ‘All Izz Well’ in Rajkumar Hirani’s superhit 3 Idiots (2009).

'This romantic movie's title reminds everyone of a famous Aamir Khan dialogue [and song] from 3 Idiots — "All izz well",' the makers said in a statement. 'Since this movie deals with a murder mystery and has a high thriller element besides romance, [it] is aptly titled All Is Wrong. It, too, has melodious music.'

All Is Wrong stars a bunch of newcomers like Anil Mohite, Nikhil Sonkeshariya, Muskan Lalwani, Rahul Bhise, Sushil Chaukekar, Sodhi Sultan and Madhuri Pawar.

The makers have also said that the film will be released soon in theatres. No date has been given, however.