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Photo Prem trailer: Neena Kulkarni is afraid of death but for a different reason

The veteran actress is in desperate search of a good picture of hers in this humorous drama.

Keyur Seta

Death is a serious matter for most people. But it also offers scope for humour. Director Aditya Rathi’s Marathi movie Photo Prem (2021) tries to explore the funnier side of death through an out-of-the-box concept: what would happen if you died and there was not a single good picture of yours to frame?

Photo Prem revolves around an elderly lady (Neena Kulkarni). As she is getting old, she is constantly worried because, according to her, there isn’t a single nice picture of hers that can be framed after she dies. She turns her house topsy-turvy, but to no avail. She also tries getting photographed, but is none too happy with the result.

After Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi (2021) and Pagglait (2021) comes another humorous film revolving around death but with a different storyline. Going by the film’s trailer, it seems the makers have handled the topic sensibly. The situations and dialogues are enough to stoke your eagerness to watch the film. The scene where the protagonist sees the childhood photograph of an elderly lady at her prayer meeting is hilarious.

Neena Kulkarni is mostly known for playing the role of mother of the lead actor or actress. But she is the protagonist here and seems to have caught the pulse of the character right. The film also stars veteran actress Amita Khopkar.

Amazon Prime Video will stream Photo Prem from 7 May. Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen to watch the film.

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