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My character in Mukesh Jasoos elopes with her husband's cousin, says Ruchi Malviya

The actress, who makes her digital debut with the Disney+ Hotstar show, plays a social media influencer.

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After making her cinema debut with Sunshine Music Tours And Travels (2016), which starred Sunny Kaushal, actress Ruchi Malviya has now made her web debut with the show Mukesh Jasoos. The web-series sees Rahul Bagga play the titular role.

Malviya plays a social media influencer who is eager to achieve her goal of earning big bucks or becoming an actress.

“She tries to make content out of everything," the actress explained. "She is ambitious but also vulnerable since she knows that things are tough in the business and she might not make it.

"Although she is vulnerable, she leaves her husband Mukesh, who is playing the local detective, to elope with his cousin in search of more meaning and material to life. She thinks she deserves a better standard of living.”

Directed by Heena D’Souza and Digant K Vyas, the Disney+ Hotstar show also stars Rajeshwari Sachdev, Poonam Dhillon and Paritosh Tripathi.

Ruchi Malviya added that it was a wonderful experience to work in the web-series. “It’s easy to sink in the role since you are put in that set-up," she said. "The feel and vibe changes, which helps an actor to imbibe the character to the best of his or her abilities. It’s closer to reality and the actor lives that life for real.”

About the USP of the web-series, Malviya said, “The common understanding or perception of a detective is that he will be a sauve, sophisticated, superhuman, sexy kind of man. Mukesh, on the other hand, is someone we encounter daily. It breaks the James Bond stereotype for a detective of style, or a Byomkesh Bakshi stereotype of intellectual capability. He is not just everyone's detective; he is literally everyone. Ordinary and average!”

The actress believes the short duration of the episodes would work in favour of the web-series. “Each episode is 10 or 12 minutes, which makes it breezy to watch," she said. "It’s a simple and quick watch which caters to [the] mass[es]. [It’s] for people who want to quickly get that dose of drama without spending hours. It’s a quick, easy, simple narrative; day-to-day life people might be able to relate and it’s fun and quirky.”

Mukesh Jasoos is now available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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