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Skater Girl trailer: A coming-of-age story about joy and childhood

Directed by Manjari Makijany, the film will be released on Netflix on 11 June. 

Shriram Iyengar

Skateboards have long been the symbol of teenage resistance in the United States of America. In India, however, they are associated with the privileged. Manjari Makijany ventures into the deep interiors of India with her story, Skater Girl. The film tells the coming-of-age story of a young woman who discovers freedom, joy and fame through a skateboard. 

The film seems to be inspired by German national Ulrike Reinhard's rural skatepark in the village near Panna National Tiger Reserve.

The trailer transports the viewer to a nondescript rural village in India, filled with the usual yokels and mischievous children. Among them is Prerna (Rachel Saanchita Gupta), a gawky teen who lives life under her strict father's thumb. When a London executive (Amy Maghera) lands up in their village, she brings with her a passion for skateboards. While the kids take to skateboarding, for Prerna it becomes more than just a sport; it transforms her very existence. 

The trailer is funny, sweet and promises to be an inspiring watch. Written by Vinati and Manjari Makijany, the film also has a rare appearance by Waheeda Rehman. Produced by the writer-director, the film also has the backing of Emmanuel Pappas. 

The film will be streamed on Netflix from 11 June. 

Check out the trailer and let us know if you are keen on watching the film.

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