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Makarand Mane's Poraga Majetay to be premiered at Pune International Film Festival

The film, which stars Shashank Shende and Vitthal Kale, will compete with six other Marathi films.

Suyog Zore

Makarand Mane's upcoming Marathi film Poraga Majetay is one of the most-awaited films this year because of the names associated with the project.

The film, which stars Shashank Shende and Vitthal Kale, is set to have its premiere at the 19th Pune International Film Festival. The film has been shortlisted for the Festival's Marathi competition and it will compete with six other movies: Firastya, directed by Vitthal Machindra Bhosale; Fun’era, directed by Vivek Dubey; June directed by Vaibhav Khisti and Suhrud Godbole; Godakaath, directed by Gajendra Ahire; Kalokhachya Parambhya, directed by Makarand Anaspure; and Tak-Tak, directed by Vishal Kudale.

Mane is ecstatic that Poraga Majetay is going to have its premiere at PIFF. "I want to see how the audience reacts to my film. PIFF is our local festival and we all have grown up attending it. You get a genuine reaction at festivals like PIFF and MAMI because the audience is also part of the same socio-economical group and some might have even lived the same experiences. And that is why they understand the nuances better," Mane told Cinestaan.

Poraga Majetay is a story of a father and son who have drifted apart they rediscover their bond on a long road trip. The official synopsis of the film reads, "Sagar and his father set out to invite their far-off relatives to Sagar’s wedding. But the venture is not as easy. Sagar and his father are always at odds with each other for no particular reason. This father-son tension characterizes their journey, their relationship in the hands of the dust and the soil of the road. Coming of age needs you to assume responsibilities, but familial authorities also need to relay it off. This father-son journey paints such a transfer of responsibility (sic)."

Along with directing the film, Mane has also co-written the screenplay and the dialogues with Kale. Vijay Gawande has composed the songs as well as background music. 

Poraga Majetay is Mane's maiden production venture under the Bahurupi Productions banner, which he started with Shende and actor Shantanu Gangane.

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