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Suniel Shetty files complaint against Vineeta makers for using his face on poster, producers say it was a trial poster

The actor claimed that he was never approached by the film's producers, Balaji Media Films, for the project.

The poster that has gone viral

Keyur Seta

Suniel Shetty has filed a complaint against a production house, Balaji Media Films, at the Versova police station in Mumbai for allegedly using his likeness on the poster of its film Vineeta without his consent. 

He has also accused the filmmakers of misleading the public by falsely giving the impression that he was playing the lead. 

The incident came to light after the poster started doing the rounds on social media. 

Speaking to The Times of India newspaper, Shetty said, “I want to send these frauds to freaking jail. My face is being wrongly propagated to lure finance and youth both to make a film, which perhaps never exists. These guys call themselves Balaji Media Films Pvt Ltd and we all know Balaji belongs to whom. Indirectly, they are also wrongly using Ekta Kapoor’s name to swindle the gullible. A cursory look at the poster gives out an impression that Ekta is producing a film Vineeta starring Suniel Shetty (sic).” 

Shetty added that his friend Hanif brought the matter to his attention by showing him a Facebook post about the film, which has now been removed. 

“Leave aside doing it [the film], nobody has even approached me for it. And do you think I would do such a film where the intention clearly looks not honourable? If they were clean, why would they have blocked my team’s numbers when we started calling them and why would they have removed the post in question. The police should take the help of the cybercrime cell and get to the bottom of this,” said Shetty. 

Interestingly, the actor’s first name is spelt as ‘Sunil’ on the poster while Santosh Anand is listed as the lyricist. Anand was in the news last month after appeared on the reality show Indian Idol to candidly talk about his poor health and dire financial situation.

When Cinestaan contacted Balaji Media Films, one Siddhant said the poster that went viral was just a trial one. "It went viral by mistake. That’s how the whole gadbad [mess] took place. We have spoken to him [Shetty],” he claimed.