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Shooting commences for Planet Marathi web-series Hing, Pustak, Talwar

The drama will be directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari, Makrand Shinde, Nitin Patankar and Anupam Barve.

Our Correspondent

Planet Marathi, the first-ever Marathi OTT platform, has announced the eight-episode web-series Hing, Pustak, Talwar.

Shooting for the absurdly titled web-series commenced recently. The show will have Nipun Dharmadhikari as a supervisory director and will be also directed by Makrand Shinde, Nitin Patankar and Anupam Barve.

Hing, Pustak, Talwar features an ensemble cast comprising Alok Rajwade, Sushant Ghatge, Mansi Bhawalkar, Shaunak Chandorkar, Kshitij Date, Ketki Kulkarni and Mugdha Hasamnis.

The series will revolve around the lives of six people and their daily struggles. Speaking about the web-series, Dharmadhikari said in a statement, "I have tried to do something different with Hing, Pustak, Talwar, and I'm confident that the audience will also like it. Each character is relatable because the story revolves around their daily lives and their struggles".

The series is being produced by Keyur Godse, Neeraj Biniwale, Nipun Dharmadhikari and Amruta Athavale under their production house Sixteen By Sixty Four Productions.

Speaking about the series, Godse said "The series is directed by four directors. Nipun is the main director, and along with him Makrand Shinde, Nitin Patankar, Anupam Barve will also direct few episodes. With four people coming together, we will get to see their different approaches and style of direction in this web-series. Absurd humour is Nipun's speciality and in this series too we will get to see his trademark humour."

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