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Monami Ghosh set to make web-series debut with Mouchaak on Hoichoi

Directed by Sayantan Ghosal, the dark comedy features the actress as Mou, queen bee of a housing colony, who has legions of admirers.

Roushni Sarkar

Actress Monami Ghosh is set to make her web debut with Hoichoi’s upcoming series Mouchaak.

Directed by Sayantan Ghosal, the dark comedy of errors features Ghosh as Mou, queen bee of a colony.

Actor Kanchan Mullick features in the series as her ‘one and only husband’ while Sourav Chatterjee, Ujan Chatterjee, Suhotra Mukhopadhyay, Debopriyo Mukherjee, Apratim Chatterjee and Jammy Banerjee are among her admirers.

In the web-series, Mou’s usual liaisons with her admirers is disrupted one night when she gets hold of a lottery ticket for Rs1.5 crore and accidentally kills the holder in her desire to keep the ticket for herself.

“The phone hasn’t stopped ringing since the poster dropped on Hoichoi, which is an indication how excited everyone is for Mouchaak,” said the actress.

"I am excited about my web debut on Hoichoi. Mouchaak is a dark comedy filled with a heavy dose of entertainment and I hope everyone is going to love it,” she added.

Though the trailer characterizes Mou's admirers as 'Thakurpo' and Mou herself resembles the sensational Boudi from the popular Hoichoi web-series Dupur Thakurpo, Sahana Dutta, producer and creative director, insisted that Mouchaak is an independent work.

“It was a lot of fun creating the character of Mou, and it reflects in the trailer," she said. "The kind of response Mouchaak has got so early on is incomprehensible. We wanted to bring forth an entertainment-loaded show with a twist, and I am confident audiences are going to enjoy it.”

Mouchaak will be streamed on Hoichoi from 18 June.

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