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June is a film that treads a different path, says Jitendra Joshi

The actor has penned the lyrics of a couple of songs and made a cameo in the drama, which stars Siddharth Menon and Nehha Pendse Bayas. 

Keyur Seta

Jitendra Joshi has bowled over audiences with his performances over the years. But this is not his only talent. He is also known for sharing poems on Instagram.

“I sometimes narrate what other people are feeling. I am just a medium. I also like the poetry of other people. I am very much interested in poetry,” he said. 

He has also been a lyricist for few movies in the past. This time, he has penned the lyrics to the songs ‘Ha Vara’ and ‘Paar Geli’ from Suhrud Godbole and Vaibhav Khisti’s June.

Stating that the songs are integral to the Marathi film’s storyline, he added that music is as much a part of life as of a film. “Some music always plays inside a person in happiness and sorrow. We live with music. We need music during festivals. We also need it after someone passes away. We use music while worshipping God. Aarti and azaan are also music. Hence, music is not only important in June but in everything in life,” he said. 

A still from June

Joshi said that he had to keep in mind the film’s narrative while writing the lyrics. “When I saw the film after it was edited, it had a thorough effect on me. I realized I had to write the songs while keeping this effect in mind. I couldn’t have just written whatever I felt like. I have tried translating what writer and producer Nikhil Mahajan narrated to me.” 

He added, “I had to portray the meaning of the film in a different way; what the writer and director have to show through visuals. I asked the writer that all he wished to say. Whatever he said, I translated into the lyrics.” 

Starring Siddharth Menon and Nehha Pendse Bayas, June is about two broken souls who provide solace to each other. “This is a Marathi film that treads on a different path,” said Joshi who has made a cameo in the movie. 

A still from June

He was happy with the choice of the music director for June. “Someone like Shalmali Kholgade agreeing to work on the songs is in itself an exciting part. When she made us hear the songs, it was just wonderful,” he said. 

Sharing his challenges as a lyricist, Joshi said, “The songs are not run-of-the-mill types. Shalmali’s flow is different. I have tried to support the flow and to use relevant words and to ensure that the tune and words go hand in hand,” he said. 

June will be streamed on Planet Marathi OTT from 30 June. The film will also mark the launch of the platform. This is a big thing for Joshi since the platform’s founder Akshay Bardapurkar and the film’s crew are his friends. 

“Whenever a friend starts a new venture, we wish them all the best for their journey. Our friend’s new Marathi OTT channel will be launching, which is also the first one for Marathi. It feels great that some of our friends’ new film of which I am also a part will be the first one to be shown on the platform,” he said. 

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