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Indori Ishq is the true story of show writer Kunal Marathe, says Samit Kakkad

The story of the MX Player series starring Ritwin Sahore and Vedika Bhandari is personal and yet universal in its appeal, the director said.

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Over the past decade, films set in smaller towns have grabbed a lot of attention. This trend is now seen in various over-the-top (OTT) shows like Panchayat, Jamtara, Chacha Vidhayak Hain Humaare, Gullak, Mirzapur and Hasmukh.

Filmmaker Samit Kakkad’s Indori Ishq is the latest addition to the list. As the title suggests, the MX Player show is set in Indore, Madhya Pradesh's biggest city. After making films in Marathi like Aayna Ka Bayna (2012), Half Ticket (2016) and Ashcharya Chak It (2018), this is Kakkad's first web-series.

Speaking of the advantages of setting stories in smaller towns, Kakkad said, “It is very interesting to explore stories from smaller towns, especially the Indian hinterland. Tier-II cities like Indore, which have their own unique beauty, lend a lot of character and charm to a story. We are in an era of storytelling where people are open to watching shows and films inspired by and rooted in reality, instead of consuming aspirational content set in foreign locales.”

Indori Ishq stars Ritvik Sahore and Vedika Bhandari and tells of a contemporary love story between their characters.

Kakkad said the series was shot at locations never explored before. "My love for challenging content and my faith in the fact that one should follow his or her heart has been validated by the response of the audience to the show," he said. "I remember the difficulty with which we made this show. We shot extensively in Indore and Mumbai at a lot of locations that have never been tapped. We had COVID restrictions to follow and we had to ensure that we do not compromise on quality. The actors, technicians and the team from MX Player did everything in their capacity to brave the odds and get this show on its feet."

He also revealed that Indori Ishq is a true story based on the show's writer's own experience.

"This is the real-life love story of Kunal Marathe, writer of the show," the director said. "The story is personal and yet universal in its appeal and that is what seems to have worked with the audience. I am a ball of emotions right now — there is gratitude, more confidence to follow my mantra, and more zeal to go out there and do even better content."

Kakkad believes people now want to see more real stories. “The audience wants to see more of the everyday man or woman with whom they can relate," he said. "And we are happy to bring such content with Indori Ishq. The more stories are set in small towns, the more digital platforms are able to attract eyeballs there."

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