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Kanwar Grewal releases latest song on farmers’ protest, 'Bebe Bapu Da Khayal'

The song is the latest in a series of tunes by the Sufi singer on the ongoing agitation at the Delhi border.

Our Correspondent

The young Sufi singer from Punjab Kanwar Grewal has released the song 'Bebe Bapu Da Khayal', the latest in a series of tunes that directly reference the ongoing farmers' protests at the border of the capital city of Delhi.

While several Punjabi artistes have lent their support to the protests, Grewal has joined hands with singer Harf Cheema to release protest songs that are rooted in the ongoing agitation. The singers are using music as the vehicle to express their views while also encouraging the protest. In the videos, the singers are seen with the protesting farmers or in the fields of Punjab, reiterating the fact that they too, are sons of the soil, lending their voice to the ongoing struggle.

Patshah, released at the end of December, has garnered almost two million views on YouTube. Referring to the almighty, the song looks at the protesting farmers as the sons of the ninth guru, Guru Tegh Bahadur. Featuring images from the protests, the song takes a historical view of various points of struggle and hardships, seeing the current protest as another in a line of righteous protest.

Pecha exhorts people to join the struggle and prepare themselves as they are in a tussle with the Central government. The song has crossed 2.8 million views since its premiere on 21 November. The song 'Jawani Zindabad' with Cheema salutes the people, especially the youth, who have abandoned the comfort of their homes to protest at the Delhi border.

The latest song, 'Bebe Bapu Da Khayal' which translates as being mindful of one's mother and father, once again features Grewal amidst lush green fields interspersed with images of farmers protesting at the borders. The song urges young people to take care of the elders who are braving harsh conditions while marking their presence at the protest site. The video features elderly men and women at the protest amidst harsh climatic conditions.