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Prem Tame song 'Takey Olpo Kachhe Dakchhi': An ode to the journey of lovers

While the lyrics and the visuals complement each other, the tune fails to stand out.

Roushni Sarkar

The song 'Takey Olpo Kachhe Dakchhi' from Anindya Chatterjee’s upcoming film Prem Tame celebrates the budding romance between the protagonist Pablo (Soumya Mukherjee) and his lady love Raji (Susmita Chatterjee). Composed and written by Shibabrata Biswas, the soothing number features vocals by Mahtim Shakib.

While the trailer captured the complexities of modern-day relationships, 'Takey Olpo Kachhe Dakchhi' focuses on the moment when Pablo begins to pay attention to Raji. Initially, their awkward intimate moments overwhelm the young man, but the lovers eventually begin to take comfort in each other’s company.

The lyrics of the song perfectly capture Pablo's vulnerability. The initial uneasiness and fear of losing one's lover are apparent in the lyrics and in the visuals where Pablo and Raji can be seen discovering each other.

However, love also opens the doors for self-discovery. In the beginning, Raji seems to be irritated with certain aspects of Pablo’s behaviour but gradually she begins to look at herself in a new light.

Shot in the historical locations of Bandel and Srerampore, the song depicts the journey of Pablo and Raji as they begin a new chapter in life. While the lyrics and the visuals complement each other, the tune doesn’t stand out much.

Prem Tame is slated to be released on Valentine’s Day.

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