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Shameless trailer: Hussain Dalal plays a rude, arrogant customer in this short film

The film sees Sayani Gupta play a food delivery girl who receives a tongue-lashing from Dalal's character.

Keyur Seta

When a film is titled Shameless, it is obvious that one of its key characters exhibits the trait. The trailer of the short film makes it amply clear that the obnoxious person played by Hussain Dalal is this character.

The trailer is comprised of snippets of one-sided conversations that speak a lot about Dalal’s character, who works from home and orders food online pretty much every day. 

Dalal plays a rude and arrogant man who always gives an earful to the delivery girl (Sayani Gupta) and the people running the food joint. However, we suddenly see him tied up and gagged by someone in his own house.
The makers of Shameless have said that the film offers a 'jolt of kindness', indicating a major twist in the end. 

The sharply edited trailer looks promising.

From whatever we see of Dalal [who appears like a lookalike of Namit Das], he succeeds in bringing alive a shameless character. We only get fleeting appearances of Gupta. The film also stars Rishabh Kapoor who isn’t seen in the trailer. 

Directed by Keith Gomes, Shameless will be released soon. 

Check out the trailer and let us know if you are keen on watching the film.

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