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Kriti Film Club announces Rising Gardens Film Festival

The online festival, which is being held in honour of India's farmers, will take place over four weekends.

Our Correspondent

As a celebration of the harvest season and to honour the farmers of India, Kriti Film Club has announced the Rising Gardens Film Festival, which will be held online over four weekends from January to April 2021.

The organizers will screen 48 films from 11 countries that will explore the ties of women to nature, agriculture and the environment. These are stories of courage, compassion and hope, with women in the fore, engaged in either environmental or agricultural work or presenting a significant connection to nature. 

The first part, titled ‘Cosmic Connections’, will be held from 15-18 January. This will be followed by ‘Fields of Sorrow, Fields of Hope’ from 12-15 February, ‘Community and Sustenance’ from 12-15 March and ‘Moving Mountains’ from 16-19 April.

The selection includes international films and community videos, ranging from classics to debut and student films. Films from Australia, Bosnia, Canada, France, India, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and the USA will be screened at the festival.

The festival has been jointly organised by One Billion Rising South Asia, Sangat and Kriti Film Club.

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