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​Harbhajan Mann releases latest song 'Rooh Raazi'

The lyrics, which have been penned by Babu Singh Maan, reflect on time and its mutability.

Our Correspondent

Punjabi singer and actor Harbhajan Mann has released his latest song 'Rooh Raazi' on YouTube. The artiste shared the news with his fans on Twitter.

The song is a reflection on time and its mutability. The video shows examples of people who are struggling and just when they are about to lose hope, things work out for them. On the other hand, it emphasizes the limited sway that power, money and authority hold because when things take a turn for the worst, no one can really save you.

'Rooh Raazi' exhibits the fickle ways of fate wherein one’s destiny can change in the blink of an eye. While one can find abundance and good fortune, a turn of fate can also bring bad times. The chorus reminds people to be mindful of the ways of God and translates to “God lives within your soul, as long as God is content, everything is in its rightful place.” Mann is known for his songs that emphasise good deeds and carry a positive message.

The lyrics have been penned by Babu Singh Maan while the music has been composed by Harbhajan Mann. The music video has been directed by Sudh Singh under HM Records.