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Siddharth Kumar Tewary to remake Argentine series The Cleaning Lady

The producer-director is in the process of finalizing the script.

Our Correspondent

Producer-director Siddharth Kumar Tewary is remaking the hit Argentine series The Cleaning Lady (La Chica Que Limpia) under his banner, One Life Studio. Tewary, who has produced television series such as the 2013 version of the Mahabharat, and Porus, is also working on a tech-thriller series,  Escaype Live.

One Life Studio has signed an exclusive format licence deal with Rmvistar to remake the series in Hindi. The series is centred on Rosa, a young mother who becomes a cleaning lady to take care of an immunocompromised son. When she ends up cleaning up after a murder and making a name for herself, she gets an offer to become a cleaning lady for an organized crime group.

In 2017, the award-winning thriller was the most viewed series on Argentina’s Cine.AR streaming platform and was nominated for an International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series the next year.

The producer-director is in the process of finalizing the script and looking at casting.

In a statement, Tewary said, “La Chica Que Limpia aka The Cleaning Lady was one of those much-lauded shows that found its unique space across many international markets. Not just that, I believe that this is a story with many universal themes and plot points which makes an impact on viewers all over.”

“India, being such a burgeoning content hub, has evolved tremendously in their viewing choices with exposure to such myriad content options. We have a really solid team writing the show to suit the Indian palate while maintaining its international appeal and global storytelling style with consistent guidance from the original international creators of the show,” he said.