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Shooting of Ravi Kishan-starrer Secrets Of Love completed

The actor plays the spiritual guru Osho Rajneesh in the upcoming film directed by Ritesh S Kumar.

Our Correspondent

Shooting for the upcoming film, Secrets Of Love, which is based on the life of spiritual guru Osho Rajneesh has wrapped up on Madh Island, Mumbai. The film, starring Ravi Kishan as the controversial godman, was directed by Ritesh S Kumar and produced by Velji Gala under the Premal Kranti Films banner.

Secrets Of Love will detail important events in Rajneesh’ life from childhood to adulthood. It will include his stints abroad.

Over the years, several documentaries have been made on the mystic, and Rebellious Flower (2016) starring Mantra was also inspired by him. At one point, Aamir Khan was rumoured to play Rajneesh in a biopic.

Ravi Kishan as Rajneesh

Kishan felt playing Osho was a challenge as he is popular all over the world. “Producer Velji Gala and director Ritesh Kumar have included many important events in the script. I have watched many videos and other information was also shared with me,” he said.

Gala said that viewers will see many incidents in the life of Rajneesh that very few people know about.

Written by Vishal Chhadwa, the biopic was shot in Mumbai, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Rajasthan.