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Couldn't stop laughing at some of the sequences, says Paka Dekha music director Jeet Gannguli

Directed by Premendu Bikash Chaki, the romantic comedy stars Soham Chakraborty, and Susmita Chatterjee

Roushni Sarkar

Music director Jeet Gannguli visited the shooting floor of Premendu Bikash Chaki’s upcoming film Paka Dekha on the very last day. It was the first time Gannguli had attended a shoot when a song he had composed was being filmed.

The song in question was being filmed on lead actress Susmita Chatterjee. Also starring Soham Chakraborty, the romantic comedy is based on Paka Dekha, a Bengali ritual on the confirmation of a matrimonial alliance.

Gannguli said the ritual of Paka Dekha made him nostalgic about the times when his aunts and other relatives got married. “Paka Dekha reminds me of old Bengali comedy films," he said. "Sitting in Mumbai, I still watch films such as Basanta Bilap (1973), Ogo Bodhu Sundari (1981) and Sare Chuattar (1953), which never get old. Chaki-da has filled this film with unique Bengali sensibilities. I was getting sick laughing while watching some of the clips.”

The composer said he had never got a chance to visit the sets of films he had worked on before. “Either we don’t get the time or the shooting happens in a different location," he said. "For the first time I was able to watch the song I have composed being filmed. This is my first work with Susmita and the song has been rendered by Somlata [Acharyya Chowdhury]. It was a unique experience to watch how the composition was interpreted on screen.”

Calling the music director “Hit Gannguli”, Chakraborty said he inspired and encouraged all on the set. “It’s a fun song and there is a storyline going on with it," he said. "My character is stunned to see Susmita dancing in this way for the first time. We had a huge unit present and were all enjoying a lot.”

The song, set in a bachelorette party, was choreographed by Baba Yadav. “In this song, Soham-da is not dancing a lot; rather he had the brief to have a certain energy and behave in a certain way,” Yadav said. “Susmita, on the other hand, though a newcomer, got the expressions and movements right.”

Paka Dekha also features Dipankar De, Laboni Sarkar, Dolon Roy, Sumanta Mukherjee and Kharaj Mukherjee.