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Abhirup Ghosh's dark fantasy Brombhodoityo to premiere on Hoichoi on 11 September

The horror film features actress Saayoni Ghosh in the lead.

Roushni Sarkar

Abhirup Ghosh’s horror film Brombhodoityo (2020) will be premiered on Hoichoi on 11 September. Featuring Saayoni Ghosh in the lead, the dark fantasy film will also have Rudranil Ghosh playing an interesting cameo.

Brombhodoityo also features Anindya Chattopadhyay, Soumalya Dutta, Souman Bose, Sourav Saha and Dattatreya Chatterjee in crucial roles.

In the film, Ghosh plays journalist Sayantika, who has been entrusted with an assignment on the supernatural legends of Bengal. She researches a story on the connection of obsolete supernatural characters from Bengali folklore and mythology with the today's youth, but doesn’t get the right topic to start on her project until she comes across a strange website called buyaghost.com. 

While surfing the website for things like the skull of an aghori sadhu, or a dead man’s coat, she is thrown off by the advertisement of a Brombhodoityo on sale. Considering it to be a practical joke, she orders it anyway.

The next morning, a huge trunk is delivered and several eerie incidents begin to occur at her home. The rest of the film is about the nightmarish battle of wits between Sayantika and the Brohmodoityo, an extremely dangerous and powerful, supernatural entity.

“Brombhodoityo is an attempt to make today's children and teenagers connect with the old, almost obsolete supernatural legends of Bengal," Abhirup told Cinestaan.com. “We have read and heard horror stories of Bengali folklore from our grandparents and now children are mostly aware of vampires and werewolves, not Brombhodoityo or Shakchunni." 

"In every other culture, supernatural myths and legends are promoted through films, books and music. However, here in Bengal, we are almost losing touch with them. This film is an effort make those treasures relevant again," the filmmaker said, stating he has been inspired by classic Bengali literature like Thakumar Jhuli from his childhood. 

The film has been shot by Ankkit Sengupta and Megh Banerjee has composed the music for the film.

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