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Shieladitya Moulik to shoot crime thriller Chheledhora from mid-October

The Jaya Ahsan-starrer revolves around a story of a kidnapping.

Roushni Sarkar

Shieladitya Moulik is all set to direct his upcoming thriller Chheledhora (2021), featuring Jaya Ahsan, Prantik Baneree and Anuradha Mukherjee in the lead. The director is hoping to start the film's shoot before Durga Puja in October. 

Hridpindo, Moulik’s second venture after Sweater (2019), was supposed to release early in this year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the date has been postponed indefinitely.

Chheldhora revolves around a story of a kidnapping. After Ahsan’s son is abducted, and she launches a search to bring him back, she realises her shortcomings as a mother, dealing with her own alcoholism.

Along with addressing issues of human trafficking, the film also delves into parenthood and several kinds of childhood trauma. The twist occurs, when searching for her own son, Ahsan gets hold of the kidnapper’s son.

Banerjee will be seen as the kidnapper and Mukherjee as his girlfriend. Ranajoy Bhattacharya, who has delivered popular songs for Sweater as well as Hridpindo, will be composing music for the film again. Ishan Majumdar will be playing another crucial character in the film.

“Chheledhora is a film about parenthood and childhood," the director said in a press release. "It’s a kidnapping and human trafficking story which is not only about the crimes associated with it. It’s also how the people involved in the kidnap evolve in life through this journey and learn about their individual weaknesses."

Prateek Mukhopadhyay will be shooting the film, mostly in the outdoor locations and highways of Kolkata, as there will be many chase sequences in the film.