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Halahal teaser: Short but intriguing promo for this Barun Sobti, Sachin Khedekar film

Co-written and produced by Syed Zeishan Quadri, Halahal will be streamed exclusively on Eros Now.

Suyog Zore

The teaser for Barun Sobti and Sachin Khedekar's Halahal is out. The teaser shows an obituary of a 23-year-old woman named Archana. After mentioning suicide as the cause of death, it retracts the statement and asks whether she was murdered. Despite its short length, the teaser creates intrigue because of the mystery surrounding the young woman's death.

Barun Sobti, who was last seen in the Voot Select web-series Asur (2020) will be seen again playing an honest cop. The film is a thriller about a father. played by Khedekar, and a cop (Sobti) who try to unearth the conspiracy behind Archana's death. Bengali actress Anuradha Mukherjee will be seen as Archana.

The film uses the backdrop of the Vyapam scam, which was exposed in 2013. The scam was linked to the illegal admission of candidates to professional courses and state government jobs in alleged collusion by the mafia, officials and political leaders in Madhya Pradesh. Impostors were employed to write papers, exam hall seating arrangements were manipulated, and forged answer sheets were supplied by corrupt officials.

Halahal is co-written and produced by Syed Zeishan Quadri and directed by Randeep Jha. The film will be released exclusively on the Eros Now app. Watch the teaser below and let us know if you are keen to watch Halahal.

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