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Mookuthi Amman trailer: Nayanthara is divine in this comedy

Written and directed by RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan, the film is a satire about the politics of religion, corruption and blind faith.

Shriram Iyengar

One often wonders what God would make of the world around us today. RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan's latest satire takes this thought and runs with it, poking fun at politics, corruption and blind faith.

The trailer begins with a voiceover decrying the hypocrisy of politicians who apparently favour certain religions but treat the traditions of others like they are unacceptable. This is followed by Nayanthara's character reprimanding those who place one deity above others.

Mookuthi Amman revolves around a struggling journalist (Balaji), whose devout mother (Urvashi) constantly nags him to pay obeisance to the family deity to improve the family's lot. The young man, however, says: "We shall go if the goddess herself calls". Lo and behold, the goddess (Nayanthara) visits the middle-class family in the flesh. What ensues is a divine comedy that takes digs at organised religion, politics and human nature itself.

With Urvashi and Balaji, who appears to be in fine form, helming the comedy, the writing shines in the trailer As the goddess, Mookuthi Amman, Nayanthara looks a bit surreal but her characterization works comedically. Balaji is in his element as a satirist and he continues to stand out for with his unique and provocative projects. In a world where works of art are banned at the snap of a finger, the makers taking quite a risk with the film's potentially thorny subject.

Mookuthi Amman is set to release on Disney+ Hotstar on 14 November. Check out the trailer and let us know if you are keen on watching the film.

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