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He is a normal person who tries to handle abnormal situations, says Tony Luke about his Expiry Date character

The actor is playing a man whose wife (Sneha Ullal) vanishes mysteriously in the thriller series, which is set to premiere on Zee5 on 2 October.

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Tony Luke, known for his performance in Badla (2019) starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu, is making his digital debut with the Zee5's web-series Expiry Date. The actor is playing a man whose wife (Sneha Ullal) mysteriously vanishes. The series revolves around two couples and their inter-personal relationships when jealousy, suspicion and vengeance take over.

Talking about how different he is from his Expiry Date character Vishwa, Tony said, “On the outside, we both are the same we both are normal people. We laugh, we love, we fight, we go through all the emotions of a normal person but I am blessed to have control over my life."

Tony added, “Unfortunately, Vishwa doesn't!  he is a normal person who tries to handle and react to abnormal situations in his life. I would say Vishwa's life would be like seeing a peaceful and beautiful small city by the ocean's side which is burning slowly with everything inside, right in front of you!  That would be his life. I  wouldn't want to be in his place"

Expiry Date is about two strangers who go to the police to report their missing spouses on the same date. As the investigation continues, dark secrets are revealed.

Helmed by Shankar K Marthand, the series also stars Madhu Shalini and Ali Reza. Expiry Date will premiere on Zee5 on October 2.

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