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Achcham Madam Naanam Payirppu trailer: Akshara Haasan's mysterious silence enthrals

The title of the film is based on the patriarchal ideals of fear, innocence, coyness and chastity that define the ideal Tamil girl.

Shriram Iyengar

The trailer of the Akshara Haasan-starrer Achcham Madam Naanam Payirppu seems to be a coming-of-age comedy centred on a typical docile Tamil girl from a conservative family. The film, directed by Raja Ramamurthy, is produced by Trend Loud. 

The teaser is focused on the lead character, Pavithra, who stoically absorbs the censure of people around her, who ask her questions such as 'What's stopping you', 'Have you been possessed by a ghost?' and 'You look so innocent and you are doing all this?' However, an unfazed Pavithra remains determined to do what she thinks is right.

The title of the film is based on the patriarchal ideals of achcham (fear), madam (innocence), naanam (coyness) and payirppu (chastity) that define the ideal Tamil girl, and, from the looks of it, it is ironic. 

The description of the teaser reads, "Achcham Madam Naanam Payirppu (The Myth Of The Good Girl) is a coming of age dramedy that revolves around a quintessential good girl from a conservative family who struggles to strike a balance between societal expectations and personal desires."

The film will also feature Usha Uthup, Malgudi Subha, Anjana Jayaprakash, Shalini Vijayakumar, Janaki Sabesh, Kalairani, Siddhartha Shankar, Suresh Chandra Menon, George Maryan and Kiran Keshav.

The film will be screening at the Caleidoscope Indian Film Festival in Boston from 6-8 November.

Watch the trailer below and let us know if you are keen on watching the film.

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