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Ankush Hazra to solve mystery of missing friends in Souvik Bhattacharya's debut film Mrigaya

Featuring Darshana Banik, Subrat Dutta and Bidipta Chakraborty, the film is a classic whodunnit.

Roushni Sarkar

Actor Ankush Hazra will be seen in the avatar of a police officer, Anjan Sengupta, in  Souvik Bhattacharya’s debut thriller Mrigaya. According to a statement released by the PR team, the sequel of the film is already being written by screenwriters Bishwajit Halder and Sourav Malakar.

Also featuring Darshana Banik, Subrat Dutta, Bidipta Chakraborty, Biswaroop Biswas, Suman Banerjee and Sayan Ghosh, the film is a classic whodunnit.

According to the director, the project has no connection with the Mrinal Sen-classic Mrigaya (1976) nor is it a remake of it.

"The term 'mrigaya' literally translates to 'the chase' or 'the hunt' and my film's storyline delves into a hunt in every sense — physical, psychological and social. While hunting, the shikari lays a trap to lure wild animal by playing a trick on him. The same thing is portrayed in my Mrigaya,” said Bhattacharya.

In the film, five close friends from prosperous and influential families get lost during a trip to Gokulpur, Odisha, an attractive spot for college students due to the easy availability of drugs there. Sengupta, a member of a special task force, interrogates a group of friends and family members but is forced to close the case in the absence of proper evidence.

However, as the political climate changes with an election approaching, the police find a cell phone and the new lead pushes Sengupta to open the case and resume the investigation.

“The inspiration for such a spicy, mysterious concoction is actually an island which I had come across on a trip to Odisha seven years ago. Since then, many hurdles have come and passed but the spirit of Mrigaya has only thrived and evolved to become an intriguing revenge-thriller with several renowned actors, with Ankush playing the pivotal role of the investigator,” said the director.

In the film, Banik will play Hazra’s wife and Dutta will play a police officer of dubious character, who keeps hiding several important testimonies.

The film is being shot by Ripon Hossain and Sanglap Bhowmick will edit it.