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Adil Hussain-starrer Nirvana Inn to be streamed for 99 hours on Cinemapreneur from 11 December

Directed by Vijay Jayapal, the psychological horror film received critical acclaim after being screened at several international film festivals. 

Shriram Iyengar

The Adil Hussain-starrrer Nirvana Inn will be streamed on Cinemapreneur from 11 December for 99 hours. Directed by Vijay Jayapal, the film has won critical acclaim after being screened at several international film festivals. 

The psychological horror drama has been produced by Stray Factory, Uncombed Buddha, Stop Whinging (Australia) and Harman Ventures in association with Magic Hour Films (Singapore). The producers issued a collective statement saying, “With theatres closed and OTTs crowded, independent films have to find truly independent ways of distributing their film. We have decided on an unconventional release because this gives the power to the audience to decide the fate of the film. We hope this sets a trend for many more independent films." 

Nirvana Inn tells the story of a boatman who becomes the caretaker of a resort in Manali, after his failed attempt at suicide. The film had its world premiere at the prestigious 24th Busan International Film festival 2019. Nirvana Inn was the only Indian project selected for the Asian Project Market (APM) in Busan, which is Asia’s largest project market, and was awarded the prestigious Asian Cinema Fund.

Speaking about the film, Hussain said, "Nirvana Inn is very unique in its narrative. We hardly see this style in Indian cinema. I loved how the reality of my role easily slips into nightmarish vision. Very intelligently done. Never played a role of this kind. I think Vijay Jayapal has a lot to offer to Indian cinema. I hope he gets what he really wants to.”

The Chennai-based writer-director Jayapal who made his debut with the acclaimed Tamil film, Revelations (2016), which is available on Netflix, said, "I was incredibly excited when I found out that the grading of our film was to be done at the same studio where Snowpiercer was worked on." He added, " These funds enable us to work with international technicians to make truly International Films and it will show when you see the film."

The film also features Rajshri Deshpande and Sandhya Mridul in key roles. Deshpande, who rose to fame with Angry Indian Goddesses (2015) and Sacred Games (2018), said, "It was a great experience being part of folk horror and playing a mysterious character. Was a joy working with Vijay, Adil, and Sandhya.”

Mridul added, "Vijay brings a simple real personal approach to his films and normalcy in the handling of relationships between characters and a palpable emotional thread occasionally, which is interesting especially in the genre of horror. It’s more uncomfortable and then terrifying. For me, this role was easy, and then not.”

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