Indoo Ki Jawani director Abir Sengupta taught Kiara Advani how to speak Ghaziabad dialect

The actress didn't take the help of local linguists since the filmmaker is well-versed in the language spoken over there. 

Our Correspondent

The zany trailer of director Abir Sengupta’s Indoo Ki Jawani sees the story unfolding in the Indian town of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. To nail her character, Kiara Advani, who plays the titular role, underwent some training to get the local dialect right. 

But instead of approaching any local linguist, she took the help of Sengupta himself since the director has lived in the region. 

Speaking about her training, which occurred during her reading sessions, Advani said in an official statement, “Abir knew exactly how he wanted Indoo to walk and talk. Since he had also written the dialogues of the film, it made the process easier.”

The actress added, “We spent a couple of months before commencing shooting prepping for the character and creating a fun and quirky Indoo. Her style of talking and dialogue delivery is distinct and easily identifiable.” 

Indoo Ki Jawani is about a girl who goes on to a dating app and the unexpected consequences that follow. She comes across a man, played by Aditya Seal, who turns out to be, much to her horror, a Pakistani. 

In an exclusive chat with us earlier this year, Sengupta spoke about his experience of working with Advani. “Lovely! She is superb. The amount of hard work that she puts into any movie or character is amazing. My experience with her was another level. I feel very good when people are so devoted,” he had said. 

Indoo Ki Jawani will be released on 11 December in theatres.