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Ashu Chakraborty's single 'Dustu Corona' is a fun take on the lockdown 

Sung by Mir Afsar Ali and Ujjaini Mukherjee, who are also part of the video, the single is set to the tune of the Italian protest anthem, 'Bella Ciao'. 

Roushni Sarkar

Ashu Chakraborty and Rohan Basu’s new music video, 'Dustu Corona' is a fun music video, highlighting the regular household struggles during the current lockdown. Along with Basu, Chakraborty conceptualised the song, set to the tune of the famous Italian protest anthem, 'Bella Ciao', using utensils and ringtones as his instruments.

The music video features Ujjaini Mukherjee and Mir Afsar Ali, who have also sung the track, along with the director and lyricist.

Since, doing household work on our own has become the new normal these days, Chakraborty thought of infusing a little humour into the daily mundane routine through the composition. “We are already going through a depressing time and we did not want to reinforce the brooding sentiment. Since there is no other way out than spreading positivity, we decided to lend a humorous perspective to the entire situation,” he said. 

In the video, Mir, Mukherjee and others can be seen making use of household items for entertainment purposes. Mukherjee is using the mopper as her microphone and Mir can be seen using various such items to sing or play.

“I wanted to create a new soundscape with household items, since we are now locked up in our homes. Rohan wrote the lyrics accordingly,” said Chakraborty. The lyrics also hint at the daily safety measures that need to be taken to fight COVID-19.

Mir instantly agreed to be part of the project once he heard the soundtrack. “I had already shared the track with him, singing in my own voice. He thought my voice was apt for it but I insisted on him being the vocalist,” shared Chakraborty.

Everyone recorded their vocals in their respective homes while Chakraborty designed the soundscape with his setup at home. “We have worked together before and we have great coordination among ourselves. We did not even need to do a video call to discuss the project, voice calls were enough,” added Chakraborty.

Watch the music video below:

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