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Marathi artistes pray for divine assistance in the song 'Tu Parat Ye'

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The song, written and composed by S Sagar, has been sung with feeling by Sagar Phadke. The video also draws attention to the sacrifices being made by medical professionals.

Suyog Zore

We are in the third phase of the countrywide lockdown to curb the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of positive cases only seems to be growing. With the prospects not looking good, a few Marathi artistes have come out with an appeal to god in the form of a song, 'Tu Parat Ye'.

The 'Tu Parat Ye' song has been written and composed by S Sagar. It is a slow number and not something that will stick in your mind instantly. But after listening to it repeatedly a few times, the song slowly starts to make the desired effect. The credit for this goes to the soothing voice of Sagar Phadke who brings out the emotion of the song through his soulful singing.

The song features Prathamesh Parab, Nikhil Raut, Sameer Dharmadhikari, Pranav Raorane, Akshay Tanksale, Nikhil Wairagar, Vijay Anadalakar, Jayesh Chavan, Siddheshwar Zadbuke, Swaroop Balasaheb Sawant, Dr Richi Ashok Jain, and Sangeeta and Aaryan Zalani. All the artistes have shot their parts at home or in open spaces.

The song also highlights the plight of doctors who are sacrificing so much in the fight against the disease. We see one doctor come home after duty, but he cannot hug his own child. He proceeds to clean himself up and eat in a separate room, as a precautionary measure. In case he is infected, he does not want to pass it on to his family. This small addition enhances the emotional impact of the video. Watch the song below:

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