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Vijay Deverakonda unites Telugu film industry with #KillGossipWebsites campaign

The actor strikes out at websites which have tried to malign him. Mahesh Babu, Rana Daggubatti and Ravi Teja are among those who have joined his crusade. 

Haricharan Pudipeddi

Actor Vijay Deverakonda, who was last seen in the film World Famous Lover (2020), has released a video in which he has strongly come down on a few gossip websites that have repeatedly tries to twist information shared by him and tarnished his image.

The actor started the hashtag #KillGossipWebsites, which has received immense support from actors like Mahesh Babu, Rana Daggubati and Ravi Teja, who have joined the mission with him. 

Sharing a video message on Twitter, the actor wrote: "When someone who is supposed to be the guardian of truth lies to you or betrays your trust, intentionally - the society is in danger. This video is my responsibility to my people. Meanwhile, you are welcome to continue trying to end my career, destroy my image, and write nonsense about me."


In the video, Vijay called out the websites and shared screenshots from their reports. One of the articles, which Vijay pointed out, questioned his recently formed charitable organisation The Deverakonda Foundation Fund dedicated to middle class families.

Vijay clarified each of these reports that have twisted his message and have fabricated reports solely to tarnish his image. He requested his fans to not believe in these gossip websites and that it’s time we join hands to end them.

Following Vijay’s plea to shut down these gossip websites, he received immense support from his colleagues. From Mahesh Babu to Rana Daggubati and Ravi Teja, most of the leading actors and filmmakers of Telugu film industry have joined him in this mission.

Mahesh Babu was among the first to give a shout out to Vijay’s campaign. He tweeted: “I stand by you, brother."

He further attached a note which read: “It takes years of hard work, effort, patience, passion, and sacrifice to earn the love and respect of the people. You work to be the husband your wife deserves, the superhero father your kids want you to be, and the superstar your fans crave for. And then, some faceless person, ready to do anything for money, disrespects you, lies to readers, and spreads misinformation, all for his next paycheck. I want to protect our beautiful industry of Telugu cinema, I want to protect my fans and I want to protect my kids from a world where this is considered normal. I call upon the industry to act upon these fake websites that live off us and disrespect and lie about us collectively (sic)."

Actor Rana Daggubati tweeted: “Spoken out well my man!  Suresh Productions and I stand by you (sic).”

Actor Ravi Teja tweeted: “This is the need of the hour! I stand by you. Let’s all (audiences, fans, film industry) stand united against fake news and useless gossips (sic).”